Georgia Renaissance Festival

Sarah and I went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival yesterday.  For the first time since we’ve been making these trips an annual event, Sarah wanted to bring a friend, so we did.  I think everyone had a good time.  I did.  I really missed seeing Hack and Slash and the Zucchini Brothers, but Barely Balanced was pretty good.  The girls watched one-half of the duo that comprises the Zucchini Brothers in a new act, Flying Debris, but I missed it as I was on a quest to find a working ATM.  The girls wanted to see Ded Bob.  Had Hack and Slash and the Zucchini Brothers been there, we probably wouldn’t have seen this show.  Frankly, I was not overly impressed with the selection of shows.  We ultimately saw only four.  In addition to Ded Bob and Barely Balanced, we also watched the joust, which was dusty, crowded, and hot, and the Lost Boys.  Angus (one of the Lost Boys) was mysteriously absent, and I could find no explanation for his absence on the Lost Boys’ website.  He has been replaced by someone I didn’t recognize and whose name I didn’t catch.  They were good and played songs I haven’t heard them play in a while.

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