Harry Potter

Potter IIYou may not know this, but I have a Harry Potter blog. I won’t link to it because it is embarrassingly dormant. I sometimes think I take on too many projects. The subject of Harry Potter can find its natural home here, in my book blog, but there was once I time I thought it should be separate. I plan to delete the Harry Potter blog, but I will be moving some of my favorite entries from that blog over to this one. I have never really had the Harry Potter blog open to comments, so I am not concerned about losing those comments.

In the coming weeks or months, I will be pulling those entries into this blog and publishing them here. The rest I will delete.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I have been having a sort of mediocre reading year. I have had a hard time finding time and finding books that grab me. In those times, I often turn to old book friends to cleanse my palate and start again. I was watching the Harry Potter movies last weekend, and of course, it made me want to read the books. So yet again, I find myself in the Wizarding World.