Roadhouse #101


First of all, I have added a new feature to this blog. You can read my Musical Autobiography, and coming soon, My Life in Books. I was thinking about this after my recent trip to Memphis; at one point, I think the students engaged in an activity in which they shared their musical autobiographies, but I wasn’t present for that particular activity, and I guess I decided to share it.

Secondly, Roadhouse #101 is now available. You can learn more about this podcast at The Roadhouse 101.

You can listen here:

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I think blogging beats paper journals in two major areas: it’s interactive, so folks who read what I write can talk back to me and interact with what I say; I can post music, pictures, and videos easily, which I can’t really do with a paper journal. It’s fun for me to be able to share music I like and videos I enjoyed easily. Thanks for visiting me.

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2 thoughts on “Roadhouse #101

  1. These podcasts were a great find. I really enjoy the music, and have bookmarked the Roadhouse website for future listening. Now I just wish I could find a real, live roadhouse to visit that plays such cool blues music!

  2. Hi Dana,

    I hope you really meant to say:

    …so folks who read what I write "can" talk back to me.

    And yes I agree the ability to interact certainly makes the experience so much more fun and educational to boot! The best part of blogs IMO is the fact that people of all ages come together and give their unique perspectives on an issue.

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