I Want Someone Badly


I don’t listen to the second CD in my Grace Legacy Edition by Jeff Buckley, which is something I guess I need to remedy. I had forgotten there were such gems as the “Stax-inspired” “I Want Someone Badly,” which was written by Nathan Larson of Shudder to Think. This track combines two musical loves — Buckley and the blues. Awesome.

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One thought on “I Want Someone Badly

  1. After your prior entry on Jeff I downloaded a few of his songs. I love his rendition of Halleluja.

    One morning while driving my 16 y/o to school I played that song. I started feeling that the lyrics were inappropriate and stated my concern. My daughter said, "Oh mom those lyrics are about bible stories". It is so cool when your kids teach you things.

    Leonard Cohen is a great song writer.

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