I Don’t Get It


Anyone know anything about cars?

I got my oil changed today. It’s preventative maintenance that I can afford, and since my car doesn’t like me much, I figure I need to do what I can, you know? Well, the technician suggested I replace the PCV valve. It was only $8.99, so I figured why not.

I had been having this odd shifting problem. When my car warmed up to its normal operating temp, the car no longer shifted smoothly between gears, especially in the lower gears. The car would still run OK, but I was babying it — easing on the gas when it shifted. If I drove it for too long — I would say about 30 minutes or so — the car would get mad at me, and since it can’t spew invectives, it would glare at me with its “Service Engine Soon” light, which would go off after it wasn’t mad anymore.

Today, after my oil change, no odd, hurky transmission shifts. I don’t think it could be just the oil change, because I’ve had several since the car began doing this. Even though this was with a different company, I don’t see why that would make a difference. I figured it must be the PCV valve. I searched Google, and I can’t find any reference to a PCV valve replacement fixing a rough shifting problem.

I should probably drive it some more before I conclude the problem is gone, but this is weird. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy the car seems to like me more right now. However, our relationship has been such that this overt kindness makes me feel more suspicious than anything else.