It’s Good to Be the King


First of all, we finally finished moving after two twelve-hour days. Steve has to be exhausted. I don’t think we can do this again on our own. Steve’s strong, but he’s one man, and one man with MS at that. Next time we have to move, whatever the cost, we’ll have to hire movers. But we are in our new domicile, and life is good. All of my muscles ache and I have a giant migraine, but life is good.

Cranky Dragon is having codeine-induced dreams about Elvis. Inspired by the nocturnal ramblings of the Cranky One, I have an all-Elvis set list for my radio blog. Please check out this really cool Elvis site, where you can listen to 30 number-one hits, learn about their recordings, read Elvis quotes, and learn all about Elvis. Maybe you can even find out if he ever owned a green mustang.


3 thoughts on “It’s Good to Be the King

  1. Glad the move went over fairly well. Hope you both get some time for a little R&R. Moving is yucky!

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