Literature Carnival, Seventh Edition


Finally!  I apologize for the carnival’s long absence.  Hopefully we can get this thing back on a bi-weekly schedule now.  Because I have limited time (I have a lot of essays to grade this week), I am limiting this week’s carnival strictly to submissions I received.

The Library Girl discusses the joys of enjoying one’s favorite hot beverage along with a good read.  I heard there used to be apparently still is a good bookstore in Atlanta called the Cup and Chaucer.  I live about a mile away from Coffee Buy the Book.  There’s just something about a nice hot cup of coffee or tea that goes so well with reading.  I can almost feel my IQ points go up when I go inside a coffeehouse or tearoom.

Grrl Scientist of Living the Scientific Life (Scientist Interrupted) reviews Michael Ruse’s The Evolution-Creation Struggle.  Very interesting book review — I would like to recommend Ed Larson’s books on the subject, mainly because I’ve heard him speak and he didn’t win the Pulitzer for nothing.

I read Jacob I Have Loved by Katherine Paterson in college as part of a course in Young Adult literature.  It’s a wonderful book.  The Autumn Rain thinks so too — read her review “When the Angst is Worth the Beauty.”

I’m afraid those are all the submissions I received — all very good ones!  I encourage you to submit your literature-related entries to the carnival now that we’re back on track.  I believe I received two other submissions that didn’t come through properly due to problems with my form.  When I invited the authors to resubmit, I didn’t hear anything.

If you would like your blog post to be featured in the next Literature Carnival, please use my carnival submission form.  Hope to see you in the next edition!


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