OK, I Lied


I do indeed think that the idea that our whole city might participate in a book club is really cool. Honest. But they chose the book that was on the bottom of my list! I really don’t want to read it. And despite what I said about participating no matter which book was chosen, I have decided I’m just going to read by myself. I saw October Sky, and I even liked it, but I really don’t want to read Rocket Boys right now. Rocket Boys? Out of the list of books, the city chose Rocket Boys? I’m still scratching my head over that one.

I have three more days until my vacations. I need a vacation. I’m so tired. Teaching the research paper stresses me out.

My car is doing that weird shift thing again. Of course it wasn’t fixed. I hoped.


2 thoughts on “OK, I Lied

  1. Rocket Boys? Um, no. I can't wait for 3:20 tomorrow afternoon….19 days off. *WHEEE* I get to grade research papers during it though. *bah*

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