Literature Carnival, Twelfth Edition


Welcome to the first all-submission edition of the carnival! I’m very grateful for all your submissions.

Matthew Sollars presents Johnson & Boswell in Scotland posted at OUPblog, saying, “A young and enthusiastic James Boswell befriended Samuel Johnson (1709-84), England’s most famous man of letters, in London in 1763. Soon Boswell was urging Johnson to accompany him on a tour to the Hebrides, reviving the fascination inspired in Johnson by a childhood reading of Martin Martin. The two men went to Scotland in the late summer and autumn of 1773, riding north from Edinburgh to Inverness and then westward through the Great Glen and across the mountains to the coast. Johnson published A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland two years later. Johnson published A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland two years later. These excerpts from Travel Writing, 1700-1830: An Anthology, are presented here as part of our Serial Blogging series.”

F. Scott Sinclair shares a serialization of his novel Pancho Villa Avenged, posted at Novelist F. Scott Sinclair’s Blog.

GrrlScientist shares her review of Lyanda Lynn Haupt’s first book, which won the Washington State Book Award in “Rare Encounters With Ordinary Birds” posted at Living the Scientific Life.

Shona Caroll discusses Salman Rushdie at “Midnight’s Child” posted at

Mario Bruzzone calls it “literature as indie rock.” Check it out in “Talents I Have Met: Aimee Bender” posted at There is nothing wrong in the whole wide world.

Mark A. Rayner submits a “flash fiction submission, “Keeping up with Mr. Jones” posted at the skwib.

Gawain du Lac offers his literary review of a book about the composer Domenic Scarlatti and his relationship with his queen and patroness who was also his student in “Les Cinq Amours du Monsieur Kirkpatrick” posted at Heaven Tree. Gawain explains, “The book was written by a great virtuoso harpsichordist and interpretet of Scarlatti’s music, yet, for all its scholarship it is beautifully written.”

GrrlScientist’s second offering is her review of Kenn Kaufman’s Kingbird Highway, which she describes as a “true adventure story of a kid who decides to hitchhike around North America to see every North American bird species in one year and who, in the process, discovers a whole lot more” in “Kingbird Highway” posted at Living the Scientific Life.

Jon Swift has obtained a copy of My Pet Goat with President Bush’s notes in the margin President Bush’s My Pet Goat Margin Notes posted at Jon Swift and explains that the “insights it gives into the President’s thoughts during the seven minutes after he heard about the September 11 attacks is remarkable.”

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