Look At My New Purse!


If you are using a browser besides Internet Explorer, please reference my previous post. I am especially interested to know what you see if you’re using Safari and Netscape. I have Opera, Internet Explorer, and Firefox on my own computer, so I can test those myself. Tell me also if you’re using something besides those five, and what it looks like. I’m thinking Mozilla and Firefox would be the same, but maybe they’re not.

Look at the cute purse I bought this weekend (click on photo to see a larger version):


The little beads or gems or whatever you want to call them are only on one side of the purse. The other side has the same photo without the beads. I’m not a big purse fan. I only have a couple. My grandmother has several different purses for each season. Because, you know, you can’t carry a winter purse in the summertime. I had this little black purse that I got at Target, but I discovered that not only was it too small to hold all the stuff I need, but it also stained easily. Not that I’m a slob or anything. No, indeed. (/sarcasm) This one has straps long enough to go on my shoulder, too.

Years ago, I had a designer purse. My great-aunt (who used to be quite wealthy, then went bust in the 1990s) bought me a Louis Vuitton purse. My first thought on seeing it was “this is ugly.” Of course, I didn’t realize it was a designer purse. Once I found that out, I carried it around forever until the liner tore out. I wonder what ever happened to that purse? And isn’t it funny that I thought it was ugly until I found out it was a designer purse? Know what? Louis Vuitton purses are ugly. There. I said it. My purse is kinda cute. And it didn’t cost hundreds of dollars, as I’m sure that tiny little Louis Vuitton purse Aunt Penny bought me did.


One thought on “Look At My New Purse!

  1. That is the cutest purse, Dana…..it's awesome. It's Beatle-icious.

    I missed you while you were gone. Then you came back and I got blown away. Now I'm back too.

    Much to catch up on…and good to see you and say "hi" again.

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