Loreena McKennitt Sampler


I haven’t written in something like a week. I need to make more time for getting my thoughts down.

I have changed the radio blog. Unfortunately, until the end of the month when I hope to buy more server space, I only had room for these four songs. I like to have at least five.

Loreena McKennitt is an artist I associate with Renaissance Faires, new age Celtic music, nature religions, and fantasy literature. She was a strong influence on my own book.

The first track, “Mystic’s Dream,” comes from McKennitt’s 1994 album The Mask and Mirror. It also appeared on the soundtrack to the TNT production of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon.

“The Mummer’s Dance” is from 1997’s The Book of Secrets.

The traditional song “Greensleeves” and “All Soul’s Night” are from 1992’s The Visit.

I hope you enjoy them.

Oh, and those of you visiting me from my Upsaid diary need to change your bookmarks/blogrolls soon. On May 28, my Upsaid premium membership will expire, and I plan to update only my planethuff.com blog from that point on.


One thought on “Loreena McKennitt Sampler

  1. I have Mummer's Dance as an mp3 but I hadn't heard the rest. Other than the one from Avalon, of course. Reminds me I need to buy that dvd. 🙂 Good collection this time around. I keep meaning to check if having the radio.blog causes problems with my monthly bandwidth, or whatever.

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