Movable Type v. Word Press: Update


Since I dumped Movable Type for Word Press about six months ago, I have fallen in love with Word Press. It is so much easier to make changes to templates. It’s less clunky and takes up less room on the server. The themes are nicer looking than most MT stylesheets/templates I’ve come across. I have fewer problems with spam comments; I have not had a single spam comment post to my site, and a miniscule amount of them are even thrown into moderation, so I never have to see them.

Because Word Press is distributed under the GNU General Public License, users have adapted it and created all sorts of plugins for it. I have barely even begun to look at all the bells and whistles I can attach to my lean, mean, CMS machine. I’ve recommended it to others looking to blog. If you yourself are looking to blog, I do suggest Word Press; if you don’t have your own domain, try, who will host your blog (similar to Blogger/Blogspot). In fact, if you are able to migrate from Blospot to, I’d suggest it. Blogspot has been a huge target for comment spam. One of my favorite blogs was having such a problem with it that the owner will only allow commenters who have Blogger profiles to comment on their blogs. One of the reasons I ditched MT was because of TypeKey. It may have changed since, but with the last version I had, I couldn’t simply allow users I trusted to automatically post a comment; they had to either go into moderation with everyone else or login to TypeKey. I sympathize with those of you who don’t feel like registering with some (unknown) entity in order to comment on a blog. I actually resent it, so I understand why most of you all did not do so when I was using TypeKey.

I wouldn’t go back to MT unless something major happened at Word Press. Steve first suggested it when he had the opportunity to use it while writing for Blogs for Natalee about a year ago. I am a creature of habit, and I was reluctant to switch. Once I tried it, though, I was really happy with it. I have changed the look drastically several times with minimal fuss compared to changing templates with MT.

P.S. Is there anyone out there who wants me to implement Gravatar again?