Movie Night


I spoke to a very wise person on Thursday. I was upset when I called her, and feeling stressed out. She advised me to spend more time with my children and stop allowing a rather difficult person to take up so much real estate in my thoughts.

So I took her advice, and it just so happened I had a great opportunity to have fun with the kids on Friday night. Maggie’s school held its annual Movie Night, a fundraiser for technology at the school. They screened Shrek II on this great big blow-up screen. We had pizza and popcorn, and stretched out on a blanket under the stars. Dylan tried to steal a couple of glow-sticks, and Maggie watched the movie with her friend Annie and her family, but we all had a great time, and I was really glad I went.

It occurred to me that this is something we should be able to do at home, minus the outdoor trappings. I don’t think we ever made it a standing schedule, but movie night could easily be a weekly Friday event. Popcorn, a DVD or On Demand rental, or even an old favorite we already own, complete with pizza. Sounds like fun.


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  1. Your wise friend is wise indeed. I've had a toxic person taking up room in my head lately, too, and there is nothing like hanging out with my 3 year olds to snap me back into the present moment and give me some perspective.

    Movie Night sounds fun!

    (surfed here from Steve's crime blog)

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