My Puzzle Awaits


Woo-hoo! Got my Titanic puzzle in the mail today. I am going to put in a short entry before I start on it.

My girls spent last night with my parents. Mom and Dad bought baby Maggie a really cool new car seat. She was outgrowing the other one. We got one of those 4 in 1 travel systems, and so far, it has been great. But she’s got to be pushing 20 pounds now, and she’s just getting big. Mom also got her a cute little outfit with a tee-shirt and little pants. The little pants have a bear on the butt! So cute. Sarah got a school bus full of dolls. She loved it. She loves riding the school bus, so playing with one was really fun. Mom also got her a Halloween book and a book about bats. They are the kind of grandparents that have a present every time they see the kids.

So I had to drive down and pick them up. Long drive. Dad bought yummy dinner.

I have a puzzle waiting. If you think that’s geeky, then bite me.