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I don’t know if I like my book idea anymore. I think this is a stage reached by most authors at some point. As I am writing, I keep asking if I have enough for a book here or if it wouldn’t be a better short story. I don’t know. I am going to plug away, though. I wrote a little today, despite not feeling like it. I’m done for now. I get so frustrated. I really want to write like some of these good books I’ve read lately, especially The Thirteenth Tale and The Ghost Writer, but I’m not happy with what I’m producing at the moment. On the positive side, I have exceeded 10% of my word count goal. I am hoping I will feel better next weekend and be able to write more. I think part of my problem right now is I just don’t feel well enough to write. Maybe what I need to do is lay lie down and read.


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  1. This is where the more experienced NaNoWriMo participants (that would be me 😉 quote Hemmingway to the newbies… "The first draft of anything is shit."

    Chris Baty (founder of NaNoWriMo) adds in his book, No Plot? No Problem!, the following… "It's not just shit, though. It's wonderful shit. A first draft is an anything-goes space for you to roll up your sleeves and make a terrific mess. It is a place where the writer's battle plan is redrawn daily; a place where recklessness and risk-taking is rewarded…

    Hang in there girl. Those authors you aspire to write like didn't get their first drafts published. You can bet they had to rewrite and so will you. You can work out the kinks then. For now, keep writing!

    I hope you're feeling better soon, Dana!

  2. I, too, hope you feel better soon. Maybe you got "it" from yr hubby- I think he wrote he was down w/ similar symptoms (recently)

    I liked yr exerpt from yr novel. There were (imHo) a cupla redunadant words, but nonetheless, I WOULD read the book. Besides, who am I to complain about what I perceive as redundancy? I can't even string together a coherent sentence.

    I am, unfortunately, a Grammar Nazi. I hope you do not take offense. LIE (present) is absolutely interchangeable with SIT (present). It is easy for me to remember 'cuz both verbs contain the letter "I" mid-way.

    Thus, the following should read: (paste)

    Maybe what I need to do is lay (sic) down and read.

    (end paste)

    Reads correctly as:

    Maybe what I need to do is LIE down and read.

    Sorry… hope this isn't offensive… there's a nice little pun to help one remember this too:

    Women LIE in bed.

    Go ahead, KILL me:)))

    Keep on keepin' on,


  3. Sending you virtual Thera-Flu and warm tea…get better!

    My favorite writer is Dean Koontz. I've always envied his way with words, his way with plot…when I found out that he writes about 40 drafts of each book, and spends all day writing, sometimes getting only 200 good words down in eight hours, I felt better.

    Here's a suggestion if you get to the end of the story before reaching 50k: look for a secondary story in what you have. Did you glance over a bit where a character has a past that was relevant? Tell the whole story! And then tell it again, from the other side. Could all be crap to toss, or could lead to new and improved sub-plots!

    I'm frustrated on mine right now, too. I like the story, but I'm editing too much as I go. It's for my oldest son, so I really, really need to finish it…sigh…he's counting on me.

  4. Syb, I stand corrected. Lay/lie is my own personal block, and I admit it.  As for the novel critique, please do bear in mind that this is a first draft, and I don't know that I'm ready for editorial assistance when I haven't yet revised it myself.

  5. OMG.. i regretted writing that novel stuff as soon as I did.. I have never read a novel, even a classic, where I didnt have an opinion about a word.. I didnt mean you to think anything (negative) at all, and as it stands now, I would not edit one thing.. I just yabber away-LIKE A FOOL- and only dream of being able to string sentences together like you, yr hubby, or my hubby

    Sorry again, Syb

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