Public Service Announcements

I spent a large portion of my early afternoon on Nick Jr.’s website with Maggie and Dylan. If you have small children, I wanted to make you aware that there are several videos available at the site, including full episodes of Blue’s Clues. Click the “Play Now” button the the box labeled “Nick Jr. Playtime” for access to the high quality video; the videos on the individual show pages are often lower quality and don’t include links to the whole episodes, either. The screen is small — 5X4; my kids didn’t seem to care. There are, of course, lots of other things to do and see there, including games and stories. If you’re looking for things to do with your toddler or preschooler online, that’s a pretty good website to go to.

Also, in my travels on the web today, I became aware of something you bloggers who find commenting trolls tiresome might value: You Read It Right: Complete Blog Commenting Guidelines (via The Dawn Patrol). The creators invite bloggers to link to the guidelines, which are much more comprehensive than the guidelines I already had up, so I believe I’ll be replacing my rather weak attempt at thinking of everything with theirs. The only thing I might add is that if your comments are often longer than the entries upon which you comment, then you should consider getting your own blog — you obviously have a lot to say. Then again, I guess that should not be a hard and fast rule so much as a suggestion. I think these guidelines, similar to those of Read Me: A Blogger Disclaimer can help newbies to blogging (as well as some of the “oldbies”). I realize that introducing “standards of conduct” may seem galling to some, but those who are offended or don’t like it for some reason are free not to use it on their own blogs or not to comment or read the blogs of those who use them.

So those are my two PSA’s for today, most decidedly aimed, I suppose, at mommy bloggers.