September Books


I have given up on Return of the Native for the time being, but I think I’ll try to pick it up again later. It’s just the kind of thing I usually like to read. I am reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer at the behest of my daughter. Ms. Meyer will be at a book signing in nearby Alpharetta on September 14, so I am supposed to finish Twilight and its sequel in advance of our trip to the signing, but they’re pretty thick books, and I’m a pretty slow reader. Perhaps Sarah will forgive me if I can only finish one.

I’m still reading Moby Dick, but I’m behind. I know where it says I am in the sidebar, but that’s just the most recent installment DailyLit sent. I am actually a good twenty or so installments behind that.

I bought Anthony Burgess’s Nothing Like the Sun and plan to read it soon. I’m also trying to finish Grendel. I have this great historical fiction project going with my British Lit. class, and I want to read all the books on the list that I haven’t already read. Here’s the list, with the ones I’ve read crossed out:

OK, so I know that Grendel isn’t historical fiction, but it sure does go well with Beowulf, and I really wanted to have books that represented each time period we would be studying.

I have a lot of reading to do. I’m looking forward to it.

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