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If you have a website and are so inclined to promote my book, I have created some code for you. Just copy and paste.

It will look like this:

Purchase a Question of Honor by Dana Swier Huff
Purchase Dana Swier Huff’s A Question of Honor at


One thought on “Shameless Promotion

  1. Hi Dana, so pleased to see you decided to go ahead and publish this- when i saw Steve promoting you I just KNEW it would be the book set in Wales that you told me about a while back in an email! I'm a little tied up with my PhD work at the moment (just about to go off to do some field work), but this is definitely on my list of 'things to check out' once I've got time for non-work-related reading again (Hopefully towards the end of the summer…)

    Congratulations, will let you know when I've read it!

    BTW I know this is on the wrong entry, but in partial answer to your question about literature- I've loved Hardy since i was a young teenager. 'Tess' was my inspiration to go and work as a manual farm hand in the south of England one summer when i was an undergraduate at London uni (I ended up in Kent rather than Dorset, but i like to think the effect was close enough!). I also like Robert Graves- have you read any of his historical fiction? Something Hardy and Graves had in common- each made a living by writing popular novels, but saw himself first and foremost as a poet. (Love their poetry too, and Grave's 'White Goddess' is one of my all-time favourites in the non-fiction arena).

    BTW if you ever want to know anything about Romanian literature, let me know- Romanian language and literature was my first degree major 🙂

    Ruth x

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