So… What Do You Think?


I think it’s bright and cheerful.

It’s a little different, so here’s where to look for things in order to navigate:

  • Categories: left sidebar
  • Archives: left sidebar under Categories
  • Search: left sidebar under Post Archives or click Search at the top navigation bar
  • Currently Reading and Recent Books: right sidebar
  • Recent Posts: right sidebar under Recent Books
  • Recent Comments: right sidebar under Recent Posts
  • Blogroll: right sidebar under Recent Comments

If you are interested, I have new posts elsewhere:


5 thoughts on “So… What Do You Think?

  1. Oh I like it 🙂 The daisy is pretty. It kind of reminds me of you…pretty, but unpretentious.

  2. I like the new layout, too! It's a bit more distracting than the last one – with things going on on both the left and right sidebars. Pretty colors, though.

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