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Last night, Sarah, Maggie, and I arrived at 6:30 for Stephenie Meyer’s 7:00 Q&A and book signing. I overheard one of the employees tell an elderly man who was looking for someone that there were over 2000 people at the signing. When the employees were ready for the crowd to get in line, a male employee on the microphone said “When I tell you, I want you to turn around and move back… Sort of like an army… An army of teenaged girls.” And boy were there a lot of teenaged girls! Some boys and grown women too, most of them accompanying teenaged girls. Lots of girls had made shirts for the occasion, and they were all so creative! I wish I had been able to get more pictures of the shirts. We waited in line for over two hours for Sarah to get her books signed.

Meyer Signing

This pregnant woman was really cute. Her tee-shirt had an arrow pointing toward her belly that said “Edward Cullen, Jr.” Edward Cullen is the romantic male lead of Twilight.

Sarah holding her books

This is Sarah holding her copies of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse to be signed.

Maggie being patient

Maggie was so good and so patient. She wanted to go, and she didn’t really understand what the fuss was, but she was suitably impressed by the fact that she was in the vicinity of a writer, and she caught the eye of a policeman, who smiled at her.

Copies of New Moon audiobooks

There were actually quite a few copies of the audiobooks for sale, too.


We were about 10-15 minutes from the front of the line when I snapped this photo.

Sarah getting her books signed

At last! Sarah gets her books signed by Stephenie Meyer. This is as close as I was allowed to get with a camera. The ladies on the left were very friendly fans in their early 20’s who chatted with us as we waited in line. Ms. Meyer looked very tired already at this point, and I estimate we were in the latter part of halfway through the line. I would imagine she signed until 11:00.

Sarah getting her books signed

The books along the back are all copies of Eclipse.

What the pictures don’t capture is the virtual sea of red, white, and black in the crowd — the colors on Stephenie Meyer’s book covers — and the loudness of all those excited girls. They kept screaming! One would have thought a rock star was in the building! Frankly, it made me tear up — the fact that kids were excited about an author and her books. I’m such an English teacher geek.

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Update, 6/30/09: I am not affiliated with Stephenie Meyer. I went to a book signing a few years ago as I described in this post, but this is my personal blog and is not associated in any way with Ms. Meyer. I do not know when and where she will sign books. I repeat, I do not know when and where she will sign books. I suggest you check out her own Web site for that sort of information. Any contact I receive regarding Ms. Meyer’s book signing activities will be ignored.

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21 thoughts on “Stephenie Meyer Book Signing

  1. 😉 omg i love Edward cullen!!!!!! and Ms Meyer's books, she is a really really good author, my whole school 6th 7th and 8th grade fell in love with the books and Edward cullen i hope she writes mank more sequels!!!!!!

    p.s. what does edward cullen really look like????:grin:

  2. Talk about an English teacher geek! I promised my AP English IV class that if they read The Count of Monte Cristo for me, that I'd read whatever they asked for them. Well, I'm hooked; I've read all three. My students are soooo smart.

  3. I ttly think that Stephenie Meyer is the new J.K Rowling. I have never read a book in all my life that i love so much! Praise Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Stephenie Meyer, pleae keep making more of ur fantastic vampire love saga!

  4. i have read every book in the series and am on my second time of reading twilight right now! I love the books and wish that the 4th would come out sooner. If anyone has any idea when Stephanie will come to California please somehow contact me. Breaking Dawn will hopfully be the best of all



  6. I love this book and I love Edward: -* hes so beautiful and sweet:-D

    I have never read a book in all my life that i love so much!

    Please write more books by Edward and Bella!

    At the 12.12.2oo8 comes the movie in the cinemas …

    but in Germany (i am from germany) unfortunately it comes only at cinemas in the 22.1.2oo9

    I look forward to total the film and it will certainly me more than the 1000th .. have a look:-D and the book at least the 100th .. read by

    best wishes Sophia

  7. I think you are one of the best authors ever!I love your books especially Breaking Dawn!You make Edward sound so cute!You are the best!

  8. i love the book so much and edward is such a great actor and he is so hot and i love is england acient

  9. I LOVE TWILIGHT NEW MOON ECLIPSE AND BREAKING DAWN!! im on my 5th time reading the series!! <3, btw, EDWARD= Mine : )

    this looks like it would be a whole lot of fun! How did you hear about this book signing? Do you know were I can get a schedule of Stephenie Meyers book signing stops?!Please email me.( thankks ! 😀

  10. i started reading the first book i got 10 pages into it and fell in love.stephanie meyers definately has her own special fantastic way of writing i mean like some authors i can never understand clearly what they r talking about but stephanie. holy macrol she is a good author

  11. OME! I love the Twilight Saga! Edward is so sweet and Robert Pattinson is SO right for that part! *Sighs* Unfortunately, my boyfriend got some stick for not being sparkly…Mortal guys just can't live up to Meyer's awesome character!

    I wish Stephenie Meyer would come to England, I think I must have been one of the first British fans! *Grins*

    Deffinately my favourite books EVER!

    1. In the case of this book signing, I found out about it through the bookstore, but her Web site might include that kind of information, too.

  12. Is Stephenie meyer going to have another booksigning and time soon and will she come to virginia?

    1. Blaine, I wouldn't know. A better source to check would be Meyer's own Web site or your local bookstores.

  13. just another question. does she travel for book signings? like going to virginia or washington D.C. or anything like that?

    1. I am not sure where she goes, Blaine, but she certainly travels. I think she lives in Arizona, and the book signing that I described in this post took place in Georgia.

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