The Tudors


I’ve mentioned I’m reading The Other Boleyn Girl. If Anne Boleyn was really the way she’s portrayed by Philippa Gregory, then I really don’t feel too sorry for her over the separation of her head from her body. That sounded harsh. I take it back. But she at least deserved a good ass-kicking.

I found a website — Tudor Place — with such a plethora of information, it will take some time to sift through it all. My mom recommeded that I see Anne of the Thousand Days. She said it was a very good movie. I’m sure I would like it. I really liked both Elizabeth and Lady Jane. In fact, trolling around Amazon to link these titles has led me down a Wish List path in the making.

I’ve always been very interested in English history, but my focus has been narrowed toward the Middle Ages. I have studied the Wars of the Roses a little bit, but trying to keep those lines of genealogy straight can make one’s head spin. It isn’t that I never found the Tudors fascinating. Who wouldn’t? But I think I’ll be researching them a bit more now.

There won’t be an update to my radio blog this week as I don’t have the software on the computer at my folks’ house (where I’m staying), and I dare not install it after the snit Sarah put my dad in by accidentally installing spyware. Yeesh. Anyway, it’s rude to install software on someone’s else’s computer, even if you do delete it. You all will just have to wait until I get home. Enjoy the Celtic music a little longer.