Thou Shalt Not Park Here


Ugh. We all have colds at our house. The small children have streaming noses (so does Dad). We’re all whining, coughing, and spewing snot. Stay far away from us. I’ve had a sinus headache for a couple of days. I’m just exhausted, but I am supposed to “monitor” a basketball game tonight. I am completely disinterested in going.

I just feel like I have no time to do anything. I wanted to write requests to some area private schools and public school systems for teaching applications, but I haven’t had time.

My husband was hired on the spot as a tenor soloist at a presbyterian church in one of Atlanta’s northern suburbs. Pays well. And they have a children’s classroom that they let us use while we waited for him at practice. Dylan is crawling very well now. Maggie knocked him down a couple of times (on purpose). But they had fun. Best of all, you know the congregation has a sense of humor when the “No Parking” signs read “Thou Shalt Not Park Here.”

That said, I am worried about Sarah. She seems extremely socially inept. She is not aware of others and doesn’t seem to worry what they might think. I am afraid middle school will be torture for her. She played with the kids last night. I am grateful that she doesn’t think she’s too cool for them and that she likes to play with them. It worries me that she plays like them. What I mean is that they had two little plastic rocking horses. And she got on one and rode it. It is probably unsuitable for anyone over the age of four to play with, and Sarah is 10. She climbs, skips, hops, and crawls at inappropriate times. She has few friends, but it doesn’t bother her. It’s like she’s in her own little world. She’s bright. She often uses words in everyday speech that I’m not sure my middle school students know. But she’s just… immature. I don’t want her to go through the pain of being teased. Maybe she’ll be okay. Guess I’m just being a “mom.”