Welcome to My New Home


As you can see, I’ve moved into my new space. I must say it was fairly painless, if a bit time-consuming. I’m not done moving completely. If you want to look at this metaphorically, I guess you could say I still have a few things in boxes. For the most part, however, I’ve moved.

I think Steve had long ago stopped reading my blog, and I would be much surprised if he reads now that I’ve moved. I think he’ll sort of forget about it. In a way, I like that. I can approach this as a room of my own. I think over here, without the overwhelming presence of his blogs, especially his true crime blog, I can write without thinking so much about that behemoth lurking in the corner. Virginia Woolf posited in A Room of One’s Own that in order to be a successful writer, a woman needed a room or space of her own in which to work and enough money to support herself. I can’t really speak to the latter, but as to the former, here it is. May my writing flourish!


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