Literature Carnival, Fifteenth Edition


It’s been longer than usual since the last Literature Carnival appeared, yet this did not impact the number of submissions I received. I appreciate the fact that regulars continue to show faith in the carnival by submitting their posts, but the fact remains that none of the major book blogs have picked up on the carnival or even linked it. Perhaps my place is just too small a venue to draw notice. At least that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. I think a literature carnival is a great idea, and perhaps if we have someone with a bigger draw of readers, it can take off. Meanwhile, until I hear from another blogger willing to take it on, I am retiring the carnival, as it has become increasingly taxing to keep it going and I don’t have the time to devote to finding entries from folks who don’t submit either because they haven’t heard of the carnival or don’t see it as a benefit to submit because it won’t impact their traffic. It is my understanding that Blog Carnival will allow anyone to take over a carnival if it’s been dormant for long enough. I hope someone else does decide to run the carnival.

Meanwhile, welcome to the fifteenth edition of the Literature Carnival, and the final edition to be hosted by Much Madness is Divinest Sense.

Joe Kissell presents The Skin Project: Interesting Thing of the Day posted at Interesting Thing of the Day, saying, “Artist Shelley Jackson has created a short story that was published by tattooing one of its words onto each of more than 2,000 volunteers.”

Ashok presents Interlude: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73 as an Introduction to New Criticism posted at Ashok’s Blog, explaing that it is “just a good old fashioned reading of a Shakespearean Sonnet.”

renee presents Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst posted at renee.

GrrlScientist presents Harry Potter: Final Chapter posted at Living the Scientific Life, which she notes is “a discussion with my readers regarding the upcoming Harry Potter book (Book 7) and who will die.”

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4 thoughts on “Literature Carnival, Fifteenth Edition

  1. Wow – it's happened again – I find a really cool carnival, only to realise it's too late to submit!

    (I used to host a carnival myself and I know how difficult it is to get submissions, or help, so I know exactly how you feel)

    Here's what I would have submitted if I could:

    Service and Belloc in the Ribble Mud

    I hope it would have been good enough to qualify!

  2. Sorry, Riverside. Perhaps someone will pick it up. At any rate, your submission is there, so even if it goes dormant for a while, a new host should be able to use the post.

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