80 Years


Perhaps you’ve heard this story already, as it seems to be making its way around the globe. Percy and Florence Arrowsmith, 105 and 100 years of age respectively, entered the record books yesterday after celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary. They have lived in the same home for most of their long marriage. They apparently enjoyed musicals, as they were founding members of their local Gilbert and Sullivan society. Mrs. Arrowsmith said the secret to a long marriage was “never to go to bed as enemies,” while Mr. Arrowsmith said it could be summarized in two words: “Yes dear.”

Before my great-grandfather died, my great-grandparents had been married for 74 years. My ex-husband’s grandparents had also been married longer than 70 years when they died.


One thought on “80 Years

  1. Isn't this a wonderful story, Dana? I'm afraid that I'll never get anywhere near this record, but I think I'm making a better job of marriage second time round …

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