A Trip to My Old College Town

Oh, I’m sleepy. Long day driving around. We went up to the town where I went to college. It was kind of fun showing Steve my old dorm, some of buildings where I had classes, some of my hangouts. I really liked it there. I was happy. Not so much because my life was going swimmingly, but because I was young, I was on my own, and I was learning so much. The campus is beautiful. I miss college sometimes. It wouldn’t be the same going back to grad school. Part of what I miss is the whole undergrad experience of living on campus and being young. I am mad at myself for not letting my hair down a little more while I was in college. I didn’t go out much.

I was telling Steve about going out with my friend Carmen on her 21st birthday. I have a very low alcohol tolerance. That, coupled with my small size, means I get drunk very quickly. On this particular night, I took a cold pill. Don’t ever mix those with alcohol, folks. Not good. I only had two beers, but combined with the cold pill… I was fairly buzzing. Anyway, everyone around me decided to mosh. I hate when that happens. No one asked me if I wanted to be involved. They just started shoving. I will say this about moshers — they usually help you up if they knock you down. Someone with very big boots kicked me in the shin and I had a bruise the size of an orange for weeks.