Birthday Books


My parents gave an Amazon gift card for my birthday (thanks, Mom and Dad). I decided on the following books:

I am feeling a sort of Rebecca vibe, and many of these books seem to be along those lines. Also, I love Melvyn Bragg’s BBC radio show In Our Time. It’s possibly the R.I.P. Challenge at work, but I feel the creepy British manor or the streets of Victorian London are perfect for fall.


6 thoughts on “Birthday Books

  1. Happy Birthday!

    There's a definite theme running through those selections, and some very good choices! I recently read The Forgotten Garden and loved it – I'll be curious to know your thoughts on that one. The Seance was very good, too, although I preferred The Ghost Writer. I have The Meaning of Night on my RIP Challenge list – I've had the book on my shelf for about three years now; it's about time I got around to reading it!

    1. Thanks! I review all the books I read, so I daresay my thoughts about all of these books will appear eventually. I think I'll be finishing Grendel today and beginning my next R.I.P. Challenge book, which is Joe Hill's 20th Century Ghosts. I am feeling somewhat confident about actually finishing the challenge this year, but I'm a creepy-book frame of mind, hence my order.

  2. Happy Birthday! if I got that many books for my birthday I'd look forward to them! lol I have My cousin Rachel and the forgotten Garden both in my tbr pile.. the same pile that never seems to go down!

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