Breaking Dawn: I Need Junk Food


The subtitle of my post refers to my current need to read something light and fun that I don’t have to think about too hard.  And Breaking Dawn has just been released.  One of my students has been after me to read it already, so I’m running out right now and buying it.  I still want to finish Persuasion and Who Murdered Chaucer? However, as I inferred, my brain is fried, and I need to take a break from the serious reading.

Speaking of Persuasion, it strikes me as I read that my favorite parts of Austen’s books often involve her most annoying characters: Mr. Collins, Mrs. Bennet, Miss Bates, the Thorpes, and now Mary (Anne Elliot’s whiny sister).  She just cracks me up.

I have had good response to a query about a book club at work, so perhaps my quest to find grown up with whom I can discuss literature may be fulfilled soon.

See you on the other side of the latest vampire romance.  Oh, and as usual, blogging will be light due to the fact that I return for my Master’s degree on Monday, and I’m already so busy with work that I’m wondering how that will work out.  Wish me luck and send good time management vibes in my direction.


One thought on “Breaking Dawn: I Need Junk Food

  1. Have fun with Breaking Dawn. I haven't been through the third yet…I am behind

    I know what you mean about Junk Food reading, but I read the YA so I am current with recommendations for my lovelies. I actually read Twilight on a suggestion from one of them. My Junk Food reading has been Chick Lit, usually British, but sometimes I re-read those romance novels I loved when I was a youngling.

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