Flight 93


I made no comment yesterday in reference to 9/11. Each year on the anniversary, there has been some recognition. I don’t always write about it. Sometimes I feel like anything I could say would be feeble. How does one address such tragedy? The commemoration is always so painful, and I guess sometimes I try to avoid it. That is not something I’m proud of, by the way, especially when so many people died. After midnight, I caught the repeat of Discovery Channel’s special, Flight 93: The Flight That Fought Back. It was one of the most well-done documentaries I’ve seen, excellently narrated by Kiefer Sutherland. I don’t think that honoring the decision that people on Flight 93 made in any way detracts from what happened on the other flights — those other Americans had no idea what was happening. Flight 93 was armed with more information, which informed their decision. If you would like to donate toward creating a National Memorial to Flight 93, you can visit the National Park Foundation’s Flight 93 National Memorial information site.


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  1. I lived in Somerset County when I lived in PA and the memorial site for Flight 93 is so eerily quiet. I've only visited and not read much on Flight 93, so I wasn't aware that people might think that honoring that decision would be disrespectful – or would detract from the other flights. They were all huge tragedies, and I think Flight 93 is so often forgotten in the grand scheme of "9/11" – most people focusing on NYC and the two towers. It's important to show honor for those who lost their lives in PA, too, regardless of their decisions and their knowledge.

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