The Blue Screen of Death


My husband was on the computer Saturday night when the Internet pages decided to stop loading. He got the blue screen of death. Then he rebooted, and we got the following error message: “File missing or corrupted: Cannot load Windows.” Or something like that. Well, it’s fixable, but not immediately, as we have to have that file. I found some things online that I think might help me repair it. Barring that, I can haul the thing down to my parents’ house and have either my dad or my ex-husband (whose advice I’ve already sought) take a look at it.

I must get it fixed, else the computer withdrawals will be unbearable. Oh sure, I can use my work computer or go to the library. I don’t ever really look at anything their filter programs would block. But weekends with no blogs or e-mail. Oh, the horror.

I am releasing my first BookCrossing book tomorrow. I forgot it at home, or I’d do it today. I plan to let it go at the Gwinnett Place Mall in Duluth, Georgia. I hope the person who finds it a) enjoys it, and b) bothers to check out BookCrossing online and find out what the whole deal is about.

I found myself on BookCrossing today looking for people I know. But people only post pictures of their cats and use pseudonyms. So who knows if I know them?

Scouring the paper online today, I don’t find this amusing. And why does Georgia feel it necessary to waste time voting on something that is already illegal here? I’ve not ever heard of a gay couple making a legal marriage here. But no, let’s get on the bandwagon and tell those queers how immoral they are. That makes me ill. Bunch of hypocrites. The adultery measure is a joke. My tax dollars at work. Sigh.