2 thoughts on “Birthday Books

  1. Hi…..

    I just read ur blog & I wanted to wish u a "Happy B'day"! My B'day is the same as yours (different years I'm sure) I hope your "day" was a good 1….mine was not. No phone call from family members, my daughter….nothing. My brother whos B'day is the SAME as mine (we r 2 yrs apart) I ALWAYS call & "sing happy B'day" to him over the phone, he forgets its my B'day too. The only 1 that use to remember was my mother & she died March 10 of this year, so, this was my "first" B'day without her. B'days are NOT fun anymore……+ I'm 51 now, on the downhill slide to the grave! Nothing to look forward to except maybe "getting it right" in my next life! May you sleep in the arms of angels!!

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