MT Amazon and BookQueueToo


MT Amazon and BookQueueToo are not playing nicely with the rest of my MT setup. I keep getting this error when I try to access my BookQueueToo plugin to update:

Can’t locate XML/ in @INC (@INC contains: blah, blah, blah…)

I have been trying to figure out what the problem is. It seems like a bug in MT Amazon, which hasn’t been updated in ages. Makes sense it wouldn’t play friendly with updated version of MT. I have been getting errors in my Activity Log ever since I installed both plugins, but they always seemed to work anyway.

Does anyone out there know what is going on with this? The MT forums are apparently not the best place to go. I’ve been ignored there. I am not savvy enough to figure this out, and I don’t want to simply delete these plugins. I would have to do a lot of work to keep up with my books.


One thought on “MT Amazon and BookQueueToo

  1. Perhaps it is a bug in the latest version of BQT (1.16). I tried to fix a bug that may have altered your @INC path somehow. Try downloading and installing 1.15 at the following URL and see if that fixes your problem.

    If it does, then let me know – I think I will be able to post a fix pretty quickly.

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