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At the risk of creeping all my blog readers out, I’m coming clean. I am a Goodreads stalker. Goodreads has a feature that allows you to search for users in your area, and I did that once. I found this woman’s profile, and I instantly knew that if we knew each other in read life, we’d be BFF’s because her reading tastes are just like mine. She even has Professor Snape as her profile picture. I love Professor Snape. I scanned her bookshelves and discovered that we have read so many of the same books, it’s a little scary. We rate the books similarly, too. Usually within a star, but more than that, and I find myself scratching my head wondering why we didn’t agree. I sent a friend request, and she accepted. She doesn’t get on Goodreads much (she probably figured out I’m stalking her). We’ve never interacted. But I find myself wondering about what she does. We are the same age. We have some Goodreads friends in common, and I keep wondering how we wound up with common friends. Well, two of the friends are writers, so I imagine they just requested friendship with both of us, but the third is a teacher I’ve actually corresponded with.

When I mark a book as “to read,” sure enough, she is one of my friends who has already read it or who has also marked it “to read.” When I finish a book and link to my review, I notice it’s on her “read” or “to read” list. In fact, it’s a little spooky, and I think that’s why I find her interesting. She never really writes reviews. She just stars books. Maybe she also has a book blog out there somewhere. Who is this person who reads like me?

So you think I’m creepy now, don’t you?

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    1. Jenny, I tried to do a meetup of other Bookcrossing folks in my area, but one lady was ticked off by form email reminders and told me off, and the other was kind of weird. I guess I prefer to stalk in the privacy of my own home, where I can imagine the folks are normal.

  1. Actually, not at all! Wouldn't it be cool if you could meet in person? Imagine how much you would have to talk about — provided she is will to chat of course :oP.



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