One thought on “I Suck!

  1. Awwww.. that;s not good news. I was really hoping you would finish, but you have a start.. so Just cuz it isn't +this+ month doesn't mean never. My husband writes well too

    All his materiak belongs to the paper. One day, I hope he will write a book too. He has already named it-"The Road to Mama's"

    (She lives in Wrens, GA if you know where that is)

    He also does another column (besides "That's that" which runs front page 3x a week) His other column is "Seafoam" which appears on the 'Local' (LowCountry) section on Mondays.

    He also has a blog, but doesnt use it that much. He did link yr hubby in one of them. I emailed him to tell him, but he didnt respond. I was hoping he would get a lot of hits from it.

    That aside, his (hubby's) family is from Atlanta, quite a few taught at Westminster. I am sure you know of that school. It, as is Weber, one of the grand 'W' schools in yr area.

    Have a good weekend


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