I Volunteered to Do This


If you haven’t read Anne’s latest, you should. It’s first rate. I add only that women who do this job are volunteers. Our only pay is the joy of doing the work.

I had a moment this week when I put my head down on my desk and wondered why I was there. I should have run screaming when I was offered this middle school job. I know I’d have done better in high school. And I doubt I’d be looking for a job now had I been patient, waited a week, and interviewed a few more places. But I knew at that point what being without a job is like, and I was afraid. I’m afraid now.

I am really enjoying The Da Vinci Code. I took it to school yesterday in case I had a free moment. Everyone who saw me leave with it stopped me to tell me it was good. And so it is. I am amazed at the level of research done. It’s very impressive.

Mom sent me the pictures she took of our visit during Spring Break last week. I have added a new photo album if you’d like to see them. Most of them are of Maggie, though there are a few of Dylan (who turned one year old yesterday!) and Sarah. My grandparents and mother make an appearance. Oh, and I’m in two of them, too.