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Jennifer Wilbanks has some ‘splaining to do. I find it utterly reprehensible that she led police on a wild goose chase, worried her fiancé and family like that, and initially blamed her abduction on a fictional Hispanic couple. Because, you know, making it seem like it was a “dangerous minority” makes it believable. Shades of Susan Smith’s mysterious black man, anyone? I understand cold feet. I know people would have been upset if she called off the wedding, but for crying out loud, how much more upset must they be that she is capable of such heartless deceit? I never could put my finger on it, but I thought there was something odd about this from the start. Everyone was starting to think her poor fiancé had done something — all this business about the lie-detector test — and it turns out she just ran away.

Weddings do tend to take on a life of their own, don’t they? But there was, I think, a much better solution. I don’t know that any criminal charges that might be filed could possibly make her feel worse, assuming she is capable of feeling remorse, but I think they should be filed nonetheless. They won’t be. Those good old boy cops in Gwinnett County might love doling out tickets to harried moms of three trying to get to work on time and going a bit too fast on Ronald Reagan Parkway, but they won’t make poor little Jennifer pay for the hours they spent looking for her. I have a feeling she’ll pay in some way.


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  1. Who could do this to her parents? Even if she were getting cold feet and didn't want to marry, she could have fled to her parents house or a friend's house. I hope that they do charge her. Or, at least, make her pay for the manhours that the deparments put in. She, without a doubt, owes MANY people an apology.

  2. Since she comes from a wealthy family, they should pay for all the time that police spent searching for her. Charges should be filed for flat out lying.

  3. I think the latest I heard (and I realize you wrote this several days ago) is that there will be charges of some sort. I'm glad. When I first read that no charges would be filed, I wanted to scream. After all the fuss she started by not being adult enough to admit she was scared? Grr. I had forgotten Susan Smith's mystery black man until you mentioned it.

  4. I agree with having charges be filed. If nothing else, she lied to law enforcement, which is a felony in one form. Another way is misdemenaor ,but I could not explain the difference. Cold feet is not a crime, but the way she handled it was the most stupid thing she could have done.

  5. Now that Jennifer Wilbanks is selling her 'story' for half a million, I am starting a grass roots campaign for people who will not only boycott her Made for TV movie and Katie Curic's interview, but also all NBC programming for a period of 3 months.
    Why not join me? Ms. Wilbanks does not deserve to profit from this.

  6. I wish that I had not watched the Katie Couric interview with Jennifer Wilbanks. She is the most insincere human being. Every word she said was fake. I wish that someone with guts would have interviewed her and asked her to expalin herself rather than saying that she had these "demons since birth" What bull shit. I agree she does not deserve to profit from this scam.

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