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Are you a blogger, or do you want to be? Today’s links are for those of you interested in blogging.

Movable Type and WordPress are publishing platforms that will allow you to manage the content of a blog on your own website. There are lots of places to go to get your own website. I use MaxiPoint because they are cheap. In the past, I’ve had complaints about their customer service, and I still maintain you probably want to know your way around building a web page if you use them, but they have been better about that sort of thing — quicker response to help tickets, more knowledgeable about different aspects of building a web site. I think they may also have fixed their CSS problem, because I don’t remember having to make any alterations to the template for our genealogy blog.

Obviously, I know my way around Movable Type better, since I use it, but I’ve heard good things about WordPress. If you do use Movable Type, there are a few good sites you need to know about:

  • Learning Movable Type is much more helpful than the support forum at MT’s own web site (which lately, for me, has been a “don’t even bother” proposition — unless you have questions about installation, no one will help you)
  • Movable Style helps you move beyond the default style templates.
  • Movable Type Plugins can help you enhance your experience with MT.
  • SpamLookup is the 800-pound gorilla of spam filtering and blocking. I wish I’d thought of that metaphor, but it was previously used by to describe DiaryLand. I love SpamLookup.
  • MT-Blacklist works very well for comment spam, but I still had problems with trackback spam.

If you want some fun stuff for your blog, you can create a radio blog, but you should make sure you have plenty of space on your server — those tunes take up some space, and a 20 MB server isn’t going to work for a radio blog. You can also make buttons with Kalsey’s Button-Maker or simply steal the creations of others at Taylor McKnight’s site.


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  1. thanks for those movable type links. i'd like to try it, but it really just scares me to death! hehe.

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