The Never Forget Project


I know some of my family and friends who might be interested in a current project I’m brewing with a colleague don’t read my education blog regularly, so I thought I would let those of you who check in here more often know about it.

The Reflective Teacher is a second-year teacher. He has amazing ideas and shares them on his blog, which, by the way, has an appropriate title, for he is one of the most reflective teachers I’ve ever known. He mentioned in a recent post that he was doing a unit on the Holocaust, and I offered my resources as a teacher at a Jewish high school to help. Over the course of a couple of days, my offer turned into a full collaboration between his students in mine. My students will share their family histories, allowing his students the opportunity to learn how to conduct an interview and research. We are talking about a possible book. This project could potentially be pretty amazing. You can learn more about it in the following places:


2 thoughts on “The Never Forget Project

  1. Well, if you do write that book I know of place that would love to include it on their shelves.

    Our area is so fortunate to have this Holocaust Memorial Center. It makes a great educational field trip for all the surrounding schools. A couple of weeks ago they received a ten million dollar gift from a family with some members living in Canada and some in the U.S.

    Their reason:

    As the number of Holocaust survivors diminishes, it is extremely important that those who remain see within their lifetimes that the next generation is taking up the responsibility of making sure the world never forgets this unprecedented evil and doing everything possible to see that it never happens again to any people anywhere.

    Also if anyone is visiting Berlin the Jewish Museum and the Jewish Memorial site leave an indelible image in your brain of that absolute horror.

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