I recently upgraded to WordPress 2.1, and I’m really happy with it. I knew the time would come when I would need to sift through all my plugins to see which ones needed to be updated in order to continue to work, but it seemed like such an arduous task. I particularly hate updating the plugin that allows you see what I’m currently reading in the sidebar because the default templates do not work with my blog template, and I have to do a lot of tweaking. I have now upgraded to the most recent version of each plugin I use on each of my blogs. I also took the time to delete plugins I don’t use.

I have to admit that all the customization via plugins is one of my favorite things about WordPress. I noticed that Lorelle recently posted about the most popular plugins, and I discovered quite a few plugins I didn’t know about. I have to admit that I don’t sift through the plugins site very often. In fact, I don’t visit at all unless I have a specific task in mind, and I think I might be able to find a plugin to do it. I didn’t implement all the new plugins on this site, but you might notice a few new features.

Some of my favorite new site features:

  • Autosave: Every few minutes, the post draft automatically saves so I won’t ever lose a post again.
  • Redesigned login screen: This is something you’d never see, but I have to admit that the screen I see when I login is now much prettier.
  • Tabbed editor: This allows me to switch back and forth between the text editor and html code, which is something that was kind of a pain before.
  • Popularity Contest: This plugin places links to my most popular posts as determined by the number of comments and search engine hits, among other things, now appears in my left sidebar.
  • Related posts: I elected not to implement this plugin at this blog, but on my education blog, I thought it would help readers find nuggets in my archives that might be useful.
  • Bad Behavior: I admit that I had heard of this plugin, but for some reason, I thought it was only available to WordPress users at WordPress.com. I have been having trouble with spammers contacting me through my genealogy blog contact form. So far, since I installed this plugin, I haven’t received a spam e-mail via my contact form, but I don’t expect that particular problem to stop immediately. It looks as though Bad Behavior will stop spammers from getting at my site in the first place, so I should also notice fewer junk comments in my Comments Spam folder. Akismet does a great job preventing me from getting comment spam, but I figure one more layer of defense can’t hurt. I can’t believe we have to do things like this just to make sure all comments we receive are legitimate. Spammers are disgusting.

Let me know if anything seems broken. I had a plugin that interfered with my readers’ ability to comment on my education blog, so let me know if you are having any problems with anything on my site.


One thought on “Upgrading

  1. I just upgraded too – I love it – and I read Lorelle all the time – woman is a WordPress goddess – thanks for that link – I will have to check out the popularity one – my favorite plugins are 'Live' which allows you to watch your site stats in real time (for the true obsessives in the group 😆 ) and the recent comments thing as well – oh and i love All Consuming

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