Lizzie McGuire


I have discovered Disney Channel’s series Lizzie McGuire in re-runs. OK, so what — I think it’s a cute show. I am absolutely charmed by Gordo, and I think Lizzie’s mom is adorable. Her glasses are so cool, and her hairstyle is so cute.

Jo McGuire

Sigh. What’s wrong with me? Don’t answer that.


3 thoughts on “Lizzie McGuire

  1. Ah, Dana, you're not alone! I became hooked on "Lizzie" about two years ago. I blamed it on my then current state of jobless-ness (and close proximity to a then 9-year-old), but I'm still watching the reruns even with a full day's work and sans little brother. It's a cute show and Gordo is definitely charming. He's cute in the movie, too – not that I've seen it or anything. *ahem*

  2. Haha, it's on right now! I don't really like the show but it is cute.

    Enjoy HPB. I won't be able to read it for a while and I'm just praying I don't run across any spoilers for it.

  3. yeah.. i'm hooked too. in fact, i stumbled across this site, searching for lizzie's mom's glasses. i want a cute pair for

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