MT Amazon and Book Queue Too


Well, I have MT Amazon and Book Queue Too working. In the sidebar to the right, you may notice a difference. I tweaked the link so that you can mouseover the book image to see the title. I think this will be more versatile that All Consuming. In the future, I plan to create a books page with all the books I’ve mentioned in this blog with links to their reviews. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do more with books in this blog. I was interested in Book Queue, but you need a CueCat to use that plugin, and I didn’t want to be bothered if there was another way. I think I’m going to like the way these two plugins work together.

In other news, I heard from oldest friend Darcy. It was a joy to get her e-mail. If you’re reading this, hi Darcy!

A week ago, I assigned my students to write a story or play in which they set up Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson on a blind date and record the results. They were really good! I love that assignment. I know you’re shocked about this, but students rarely imagine Walt and Emily would have a good time. Three of the boys recorded their script and actually made a video. It’s easily one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen. How do you put a grade on that? I felt like Ralphie’s teacher in his theme fantasy: A+++++++++. My heart’s all a-flutter! Who knew Emily could put away five Big Macs, two fries, three Frosties, and a supersize cola? Man. And they managed to make allusions to the aforementioned A Christmas Story, The Scarlet Letter, Henry David Thoreau, Rapunzel, and my husband’s opera singing.


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  1. what a great assignment! I would totally use that if I were an english teacher. I'm pretty happy I'm not (your blog provides fodder for that opinion), but if I were…and happy new year to you, too!

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