My So-Called Life or Something Like It


Since the beginning of the school year, I have gained about 20 pounds. Since I could probably have stood to gain some weight, it wasn’t a really big deal. The only problem is that a lot of my clothes don’t fit now. I am not worried about the way I look now, but the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps I won’t quit gaining weight — that my metabolism has changed. The women in my family do tend to start out thin and get very, very big.

Being “too skinny” has been a part of my identity since I can remember. It was how I was teased as a child. It formed me into who I am. I guess, in a way, gaining weight kind of makes me feel like I am losing who I am. Right now, I weigh the same as I weighed at 9 months during all three of my pregnancies. And like I said, it isn’t bad, and I shouldn’t complain. But that is a thought that will give one pause, right?

It was a beautiful day here in Georgia. I sat outside at school and graded papers. That’s one thing that is really nice about our campus on sunny days — we can spend so much time between classes outdoors. It is sort of set-up almost like camp. I guess whenever we move to our new building, we might lose that. I will not miss the rain, though. Our campus is absolutely miserable when it rains.

I haven’t written here in a while, and frankly, I just don’t have anything worthwhile to talk about. I haven’t been up to much. I got my oil changed. I bought a new cell phone. I tried on a pair of shoes that fit really well, but the heel didn’t look right, so I didn’t buy them. I can’t find my Black Crowes CD (The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion). I am re-reading the Harry Potter series. That’s my life.

Why are you here? There are fascinating things all over the web. Go learn something.


3 thoughts on “My So-Called Life or Something Like It

  1. We've been having gorgeous weather here as well. Makes me want to be lay in a hammock and read and/or daydream.

    How about you? 😉

  2. Today was just PERFECT. We have a biggish laid-out campus like yours. Nice to eat outdoors.

    I FINALLY caught up on your blog. Sorry I've been gone for a while. *pant* *pant*

  3. I find it interesting about the women in your family starting out very thin and then becoming quite large as it's the same story in my family, on my mother's side. Until menopause, they go through life abnormally thin and being teased for it mercilessly (my grandmother had the unfortunate luck to be named "Minnie," which was just TOO easy of a rhyme), but then in mid-life they blow up. Odd.

    I, however, take after my father's side of the family and am more or less normal-weight as long as I'm careful. But I grew up thinking my mother and her relatives were normal, and therefore, I grew up thinking I was fat.

    Just strange, how these things work…

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