New Comments Policy


Many of my older entries’ comments are closed because I was having issues with comment spam, as is is the case with so many other bloggers. Therefore, I instituted a policy of closing comments after a week.

However, I have recently upgraded to MT 3.14, which has more advanced methods for dealing with comment spam. Henceforth, all comments are moderated. If you have a TypeKey ID, you can log-in, and your comments will post immediately. When you comment on this site, your comment will be placed into a queue and will not appear on this site until it is approved.

So that means I am going to try to leave comments open on future entries. We’ll try it this way and see how it works. Of course, I reserve the right to go back to closing comments if I continue to have problems. In that case, you can always e-mail me (remove the (AT) and replace with @).

I have the right to decide which comments will appear on this site. Continuing to submit comments hoping I will approve them will get you banned. Plus, that also means you need to get a life and bother someone else. If you leave behind derogatory or insulting comments, especially if they are signed by a false and insincere “God Bless” supposedly meant to wash away whatever nasty thing you just said, you can bet your comment will not appear. If you submit a fake e-mail address, your comment will not appear and you can also rest in the knowledge that you are too cowardly to stand by your words.

I reserve the right to edit comments for grammar, spelling, and length.

If you can abide by the comments policy, then fire away.