I was creeped out all day. Watching the History Channel. All that stuff about the Amityville Horror. That story has always scared the crap out of me anyway. Steve has mentioned our neighborhood is old — it dates to antebellum times, but I’m not sure which part of our house, if any of it, was around then. It’s been added on to many times, and clumsily so, I might add. Floors are oddly sloped. You could set a marble on most parts of the floor in my house and it would roll.

There has been this really weird vibe all around the house today. I keep telling myself that it’s just Halloween. It probably is. But the air outside is oppressive. I keep looking down the street expecting to see something each time I go outside. Our street sort of peters out into some overgrown woods I’m pretty sure that you could take a short cut through those woods and wind up at the small cemetery on Sloan Street. One of the houses I was interested in was right next door to that cemetery. We live within walking distance of two very old cemeteries. Steve has also talked before about the haunted J. Christopher’s restaurant within walking distance. That was profiled in the paper the other day in an article about haunted Atlanta.

So all of this conspired today to make me very jumpy.

I offered my students extra credit if they watched Witch Hunt on the History Channel tonight. I couldn’t watch it myself — I was meeting my ex to pick up Sarah. It comes on again at midnight, but I’m not sure I’ll make it. The next airing is noon on Saturday. I really do want to see it. We just finished The Crucible in my college prep. class, and we just finished The Scarlet Letter in my honors class. I thought it appropriate the students watch this program. I’m so sleepy. I may have to count on trying to see it next weekend. Bleh.


One thought on “Halloween

  1. What a fascinating area you live in. I can see why you were creeped out.

    I would like to see 'Witch Hunt' as well. Someone told me about it this past weekend, but I was sure I had missed it completely. It's nice to know they're showing it again. Thanks for the info, Dana!

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