To Do


Expanding upon my last entry, The National Review examines the data in the “Reading at Risk” survey. Is blogging drawing people away from reading literature? Or is the news not as bad as we thought? Why was Internet reading excluded from the survey?

To Do:

  • Put link to Amazon Wish List in About section.
  • Change radio blog to a bunch of songs I like that have no cohesion or theme aside from that.
  • Write something for The Pensieve. *Sigh* That will be on the list for some time, I think.
  • Get a Fulton County library card.
  • Try and finalize which novels and plays I’m going to teach this year.
  • Ask everyone if there is any interest in a page at this site for my recipes. Well, is there? I’m not a gourmet, but I don’t suck either, and I’ll all about quick and easy.


One thought on “To Do

  1. I'd like to see some of those recipes. I feel like every night is the boring same 'ol, same 'ol for my kid, and I'd really like her to try new things, but I'm so tired right about 5:00 that it's pasta or a grilled cheese and that's it.

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