Okay, upgrade to Movable Type 3.14 seems to be successful. So far, I like the new features. An upgrade was necessary because I just couldn’t take advantage of the new plug-ins with 2.66. Also, 3.14 has more safeguards against comment spam. To that end, from now on, comments will be moderated. Unless you sign in with a TypeKey registration, your comments will not be automatically posted. However, you no longer need to type in the number “captcha” in order to sign the comments, which eliminates the need for JunkEater — seems like too many spam comments were getting past them, anyway.

I am indebted to Learning Movable Type: TypeKey Authentication for Comments, The Tweezer’s Edge: A Replacement for <MTCommentFields>, and AnziDesign: Migrate Your MT 2.x Blog To Movable Type 3 for valuable assistance in this conversion.

Soon, I will be implementing further spam-protection measures as described in MT’s Guide for Fighting Comment Spam.

Why am I telling you this? Things may be wonky around this site until I get it all fixed up, and also I thought you might like to know about the change in comment policy. I hope it doesn’t inconvenience anyone too much.


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