Web Development

My first web site was a crappy-looking monstrosity wrought using Geocities’ Pagebuilder. Waiting for Pagebuilder to load on dialup was agony. I had every bell and whistle on that site that I now find annoying as hell: tartan backgrounds so busy they caused eyestrain, background midis (yes, I know, and I have seen the error of my ways), lots of slow-loading images, buttons for everything instead of text links, etc. It was truly awful-looking. I was going to link it here so I could prove it, but Geocities appears to have deleted it due to, I’m sure, inactivity on my part and lack of interest on the part of the entire Internet community. I revamped one part of the site and moved it to a new spot, where it still exists. It is a small site in homage to the author Diana Gabaldon. It was done after I gained some valuable web experience maintaining a diary at my old host. The only real problem with this site is it needs to be updated quite badly.

Now I have my own domain, and as soon as we get any content up, I’ll share it with you. Most likely, I’ll be moving my blog over there as well. It’s weird. I don’t claim to be a web goddess, but I have learned quite a bit over the past couple of years. I’m actually pretty pleased with the way my blog looks right now. I don’t know what all we’re going to do with the domain. I know my husband wants to put his blog there. We don’t want it to be one of those cheesy family sites where the little lady shares pictures of her knitting projects (I’m sorry if I offended anyone who does that. I’m thinking I’d like to have my genealogy information up there. Aside from that, I don’t know what sort of content I’ll include. I’ll have fun with it though.

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