MT Plugins/Eudora/My School on the Web


Browsing MT Plugins today, and it’s like being in a candy store. When I have time to fool with thinking about it, I plan to get some.

I also downloaded Eudora today. Back when I had a computer running Windows 3.1, I used Eudora for mail. Then I switched to Outlook Express — probably when I got Windows 95, but I can’t remember. For about the past four years, I have only had web-based mail accounts. Now that I have a new mail account that comes with my DSL service, I plan to use it. I was using Outlook Express again, but encountered a problem every time my mom sent me an attachment. I got the same error message every time: OE has removed access to this unsafe attachment (or something like that). I think it was an OE problem. Of course, since MicroSoft makes it, all the geeks online hate it, so I decided to check out Eudora and see if I like it.

Since so many people have asked about it, I have decided to share the link to the school where I will be teaching. I have said some negative things about my former schools in the past, but I don’t plan to write anything in here anymore that I’m not very comfortable with anyone I know reading. I’m through going there.

The Weber School is a fairly new private Jewish school in Dunwoody, which is just down the road from Roswell. In addition, I have created a school blog which was already linked from, but not from this blog. There’s nothing much there right now, but I plan to post assignments. I don’t know that you all would be interested in that, and I do ask that if you are, please don’t join the members. It’s only for my students and parents, and I’ll just remove you anyway, so you’d be wasting your time. It’s got a template I didn’t create, and it’s pretty plain, but it serves its purpose.