Skinning Movable Type


I am trying to get brave enough to skin this site. It looks like it would be a lot of work, and I’m not sure I’m up for it. But the skinned sites I’ve run across are so cute! For example:

  • Big Pink Cookie’s pink is so cute, and I love the Paris theme.
  • allows you to pick a skin the first time you visit. Lots of choices!
  • chastitycatt has pretty kitties on most of her “themes,” but I think I like the default best — it’s understated and pretty.
  • lily of the valley has monkeys! You can change skins by clicking the link above her search box.
  • Magical Musing has some pretty skins.
  • scriptygoddess not only has four background and link color options to choose from, but also lets you input your own hex code and colorize as you please!

First of all, I’d have to come up with the different layouts, and I’m well aware how long it takes to come up with one. There is a reason my blog has been the same for the entire time I’ve had it on this site. In the four years I’ve been journaling online, I can remember having a grand total of six layouts. Six. Some people change them for each season. I’m like Cranky Dragon — I don’t want to break anything. It took me forever to relent and redo my individual archive template so I would have the TypeKey login link.

If you are a bit braver than I am, and you want to try to skin your blog, you might try the following sources:

  • Skinning a Website from has a tutorial appropriate for any website.
  • This Chick has a simpler method that works well for MT blogs (thanks Arvind for the tip).
  • Skinning MT at Movalog allows you to skin your user interface if you have MT (thanks for the clarification Arvind).
  • BlogSkins has lots of designs. Quality is mixed, but you can’t beat free.

Of course, anyone who wants to donate their talents to beautifying Much Madness is Divinest Sense is most welcome. Yeah, that’s likely to happen. I’ll just hold my breath.


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