EclipseLast night, I finished reading Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse, the third book in her Twilight Saga.  It has been as entertaining as the other books in the series.  Meyer has a gift for writing page-turners, and this story should leave readers anxious for Breaking Dawn.  I will not make the wild claim that these books are more than fun diversions, but I know I enjoyed reading them.  Of the three, I would have to say that Twilight is my favorite.

As I said in my review of New Moon, Bella’s self-deprecation can be annoying.  She doesn’t put herself down as much when she compares herself with Jacob, but she seems to feel so strongly that she isn’t good enough for Edward, and as much as he tries to protest, I don’t see that changing.  I wonder how she can be happy with someone when she feels she is inferior to him?  I hope Meyer can resolve this particular problem in the next book.

If you have read the other two Twilight books, you don’t need a recommendation from me to pick up the third; however, I think this book is less able to stand on its own than the other two.  I do think one could read either Twilight or New Moon without reading the rest of the saga, but this book ties in elements from both previous books that only make sense in context.  I think that’s fine — by the third book in a series, an author can expect some loyalty; J.K. Rowling waited until Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix before she gave up the pretext of thinking readers might not have read the other books first, and she certainly could have dropped that pretext earlier.

If you are looking for Literature (yes, with a capital “L”), you probably don’t want to read Meyer’s books, but if you’re looking for fun, page-turning reads about vampires and werewolves, I think you’ll enjoy her books.  It is certainly easy to see why she has become so popular with young adult readers.

Stephenie Meyer Redux

I am once again reading Stephenie Meyer.  I have been meaning to get to New Moon and Eclipse for some time, but I just hadn’t for various reasons.  Meyer has a real gift for action and moving a story along.  If I have a criticism, I have to say I find Bella’s self-deprecation and idol-worship of Edward annoying sometimes, but I know I’m in for another good read.  The book starts with something of a bang, and I was really excited to learn my birthday is only four days after Bella’s.

I wonder if Barnes and Noble will do a midnight event for the release of Breaking Dawn.  I have speculated before that Meyer just might be the next J.K. Rowling, and I know that at least in my area, her books are popular enough to warrant a midnight release party.

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